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Graduate Courses

PHS-7022 Obesity I: Complications and Etiology

This first course allows the acquiring of knowledge on the fundamental aspects of obesity and its consequences on human health. The core issues discussed are: mechanisms of energy balance regulation (food intake and energy expenditure), metabolism of energy substrates, genetic and environmental factors that contribute to the etiology of obesity, risk factors (dyslipemia, diabetes, insulin-resistance, inflammatory profile) for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and diabetes associated with certain forms of obesity, as well as strategies for the prevention and treatment of obesity.

This 4-credit course is recommended to kinesiology, nutrition, and physiology-endocrinology graduate students, and is given each fall session at the IUCPQ.

Professor in charge: Yves Deshaies, Ph.D.

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    PHS-7023 Obesity II: Clinical Aspects

    This second, 2-credit course deals with the clinical aspects of the treatment and management of obesity and is offered each winter session. It follows the PHS-7022 Obesity I: Complications and Etiology course, which is not a prerequisite, but is highly recommended.

    The core issues discussed are: the heterogeneity of obesity and its role in the evaluation and management of the obese patient, the nutritional treatment of obesity, physical activity, individual and societal behaviour changes, treatment of the complications of obesity (insulin-resistance and diabetes, dyslipemia, hypertension, cardiac and respiratory functions), body weight oscillations, pharmacological treatment of obesity, the surgical treatment of extreme obesity, the management and treatment of obesity in children, as well the relevant perspectives on the treatment of obesity.

    Professor in charge: Yves Deshaies, Ph.D.

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